News flash! Anna Kaplan wins election for State Senate with 55% of the vote!

Thank you 7th Senate District!

I will not let you down!

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Anna Monahemi Kaplan

Councilwoman Anna Kaplan--Democratic Party Nominee for the New York State Senate 7th District

Tough, experienced, compassionate--Anna will be the State Senator Long Island families need in Albany. 

All of Us Together

Anna's campaign is about uniting New York State's 7th Senate District by bringing all the different groups in this diverse district together and responding to the hate and prejudice that has swept this country with strength and unity. Everyone matters, everyone is deserving of respect. For Anna, that's non-negotiable and she's ready to take on anyone who tries to bring hate to the 7th District!

About Anna

Anna is a former child refugee who has devoted her adult life to public service as a way to give back to the country that gave her asylum and citizenship. Now serving her second term as a North Hempstead Councilwoman, Anna is a born fighter who is ready to fight for Long Island families in Albany.  She will appear on the Democratic Party, WFP and WEP ballot lines in November.

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