All of Us Together

As State Senator, I will make it my personal mission to bring all the different groups in this diverse district together and to respond to the hate and prejudice that has swept this country with strength and unity. I call this mission “All of Us Together” and it starts with a simple message—everyone matters, everyone is deserving of respect and everyone should have a voice in how they're governed. I have spent my last six years as a Town Councilwoman pursuing this mission and the role of State Senator will give me an even bigger megaphone to spread my message of unity and respect for each other. 

Strengthen New York Gun Laws

While New York already has comparatively strict laws regulating firearms, there are further common-sense solutions to the scourge of gun violence that could be codified in state law. Chief among these is one that would authorize a court to issue an Extreme Risk Protection Order or ERPO, which is an order prohibiting people found to be dangerous to themselves or others from purchasing or possessing a firearm. (S7133/A8976) The ERPO law entitles a family or household member, police officer, or district attorney to petition a court for the ERPO. The bill has already passed in the Assembly, but it was blocked by Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee, including my opponent. I will relentlessly push to pass an ERPO bill in the Senate.

Protect Women’s Reproductive Health

The autonomy, privacy, and dignity of New York women must remain inviolate regardless of potential changes in federal law. Most New Yorkers would find it shocking to learn that family planning and abortion are still treated as crimes in our statutes. The Reproductive Health Act (S2796) updates New York’s nearly 50-year-old (pre-Roe v. Wade) laws and guarantees a woman’s right to control her reproductive health. This law, which seeks only to codify current U.S. Supreme Court law, has been blocked in the Senate by Republicans, including my opponent. I will pass this bill and ensure it becomes the law of New York state.


Hold the Line on Property Taxes

I am a strong supporter of Governor Cuomo's 2% cap on property tax increases and will resist attempts to weaken the cap's provisions. In North Hempstead, we have passed budgets within the cap every year for the last five--it's been difficult, but government must live within some limits. With the new $10k cap on the deduction for state and local taxes in the federal income tax code passed by the Republican Congress, restricting the growth of property taxes is more critical than ever for Long Island taxpayers.  If elected, I also pledge to work with Nassau County at the state level to help create a fair and transparent system of property taxation that is free of gimmicks and handouts for favored contributors.          


Protect Long Island’s Aquifers

Long Island's water comes from groundwater contained in three principal aquifers. These aquifers are threatened by an existing plume of toxic chemicals and potential saltwater intrusion. Long Island town and county governments require more resources and funding from the State in order to protect these sole sources of clean water. I will also renew my opponent’s attempts to pass a law blocking the renewal of permits to reopen wells in Queens that could deplete a major Long Island aquifer, a bill that did not come up for a vote in the Assembly. As a Democrat with longstanding relationships with members of the Assembly, I am confident I will be able to get that bill passed into law.

Pass the Child Victim’s Act

The Child Victims Act (S809) would extend the time frame in which victims of child sex abuse can bring criminal and civil lawsuits as adults and provides a one-year revival of time-barred civil claims against those who committed sex offenses against minors. The bill has repeatedly passed in the State Assembly. Although this act is supported by 76% of New Yorkers, New York Senate Republicans, including my opponent, have refused to allow this legislation to be brought to a vote. I will make passage of the Child Victim’s Act one of my top priorities because victims of child sexual abuse have already waited far too long for justice.

Hold the LIRR Accountable for Declining Service

The Long Island Rail Road, on which the economy of the Seventh Senate District depends, is now subject to chronic delays and cancellations despite rising fares. To make matters worse, congestion in Penn Station, ancient signals and crumbling tunnels are not being addressed by the MTA. This cannot be allowed to continue. As Senator, along with my fellow Long Island Senators, I will hold the LIRR and the MTA accountable for improving the LIRR system and force them to provide reasonable timetables for making long-delayed repairs.


Make Voting Easier for New Yorkers

New York’s outdated election laws make if far too difficult for New Yorkers to exercise their constitutional rights and make their voices heard. For instance, a proposed early voting bill (A09608, S7400) will ensure that New York voters have the opportunity to make it to the polls to cast their votes. Over two-thirds of other states allow voters to cast a ballot before Election Day but this bill has been blocked by Republicans in the Senate at every opportunity. Because your vote is one of your most important rights as a citizen, I will pass the Early Voting Bill as well as other voter friendly laws such as the Voter Empowerment Act (A2278, S3304) that will modernize New York’s archaic voter registration laws.

Increase New York’s Cooperation with Israel

New York exports to Israel totaled $4.89 billion in 2016. In 2017, Governor Cuomo announced the launch of the New York-Israel Commission dedicated to increasing trade and building partnerships between New York and Israel. I will expand on Governor Cuomo’s initiative by passing legislation that encourages and supports cultural and academic exchanges between New York and Israel as well as collaboration between New York and Israeli companies, particularly in the areas of clean energy technology, artificial intelligence, and computer security, where Israel is a world leader.

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